Memorabilia Framing

" You name it, we can frame it! "

With a large range of box frames available to choose from we can frame collectables of all
shapes and sizes for you to display around
your home or office.


"For example:"

Your child's first shoes, first T-shirt or first curl, 
Your favourite football or cricket shirt, Special
medals, coins or stamps, Collectables, ornaments
and treasures from your travels, album covers
and vinyl of your favourite music

Some of the more unusual things we have framed have included;

  • A prayer wheel from Bhutan. This was framed without glass so that the customer
  • could take it out and give it a twirl!
  • First shoes. A memory box including a favourite toy, wristband from hospital, scan photos,
  • first handprints etc. can all be included for adding to the very personal feel.
  • Wrestling Belts.
  • Autographed motorcycle kneepad. Framed with a photograph of the rider
  • Autographed LP covers, Drumskin and Microphone
  • Original enamelled sign. This was found in a garden, cleaned up, framed
  • and donated to a local museum
  • Medals and Militaria.
  • Painted Welsh slate
  • Sharks Teeth
  • Metal detecting finds. These were framed using a domed cover to encapsulate the items.


Clacton Picture Framing

If your item is signed, we can add a UV filtering glass to prevent fading and safeguard its future value.

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